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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 31, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in the 60s and 70s, here is sal. there is a serious crash on highway 101, chp has issued an alert. traffic at the coliseum, that traffic looks good as you drive to the coliseum head up to that and shoot for oakland and northbound and southbound, it looks like no mail problems. 280 there is a crash and watch for slow traffic in that area. chp is investigating a mysterious highway death near martinez. it happened just north of state route 4. a woman got out of her car and began wandering on the freeway. she was immediately hit by
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several cars and killed, the drivers all stopped and they are now cooperating with investigators. the chp is wondering why she was walking on the freeway. also overnight, 2. 4 mag actual quake struck two miles east of berkeley but berkeley has been the epicenter in the last two weeks. day 20, preparations are moving forward this morning for wednesday's citywide strike. here is more at frank ogawa plaza. >>reporter: i spoke with some of the protesters and they said, leaving this area could be a rude awakening to the area. it is backup, back set up after
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being cleared out since last week and it is looking neat and orderly and there were threats that mayor jean said those supplies have been located and is promising their return today. medical supplies attempts were cleared out which prompted a march in downtown oakland and that prompted a tear gas response from police. the occupies we spoke to said they have been learning a lot about self policing. in fact they have put out their
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fliers they are -- and they have shut down the 1% general strike, a mass day of action, essentially what they are calling for is the rest of us, to no go to work on wednesday. and it taber down and if that happens all city services say they plan to take part in wednesday's general strike. for the iraq war veteran injured by police remains in the hospital this morning. scott olson transfersed to anup disclosed area. he is expected to make a full recovery and his family is
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asking for privacy so he could make a full recovery. they ruled over the weekend it is okay for protesters to set up and they were worried police would shut the place down and possibly use force. we met one woman who was just five blocks away. >> we have an arrangement, we stay at night, i pick up the kids in the morning and that's about it. >> they reported 40 people were at camp last night. staying at that camp. , the services and reedlings committee, today's meeting gets
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underway at 10:00 a.m. in san francisco city hall. any time you need more information, go to and click on the occupied protest tab right at the top of the page. in other news this morning, a monterey surfer could be released after a shark attack over the weekend. 27-year-old male was surfing early saturday morning when he was bit on the next and arm. he was able to get out of the area, he was airlifted to regional medical center who says the bites were one mm away from killing him. they are dealing with a long power outage, a weekend snowstorm knocked outvies to 3
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million people in several states. a state of emergency has been declared in new york new jersey and cab kate. it is causing causing an airline nightmare for pass-a- loutre jersey. >> we keep drive willing and it does over the roof. >> a hot of schools are closed because of safety concerned. hundreds were forced to stay on their plain because of the severe weather. his plane sat on the tarmac for 7 hours. republican presidential candidate has two events scheduled in washington d.c.
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and he's likely to face questions about his new claims. they said, cane was accused of sexual a salt and a -- assault and according to the women they left with a financial settlement. the writer of the article approached cane yesterday but the candidate would not say much. >> you will not tell me who they are? >> that is like negotiating... >> now it shows poll looting the way for the republican nomination. the city of santa clara is putting their final touches on the final plan for the billion dollar facility. the groundbreaking facility could be held next year and they are now hoping for a 2014
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date instead of the earlier date with a 6 and 1 record. it will abyss i halloween night for california parole agents. they will be out in force to make sure and it is call operation boo. pamela harris will reveal the details of today's statewide operation at a news conference in san transitco. >> they will spend an average of $72 from last year. people say it's not a very
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expensive who day, i think halloween is a happy holiday for everybody. >> many people say in buying a costume, they make one. mystery san jose house starts at 6:30. there is a free ghost work to your at $900 billion stimulus package p.m. m, that event start a the theory building. let's check in with sal, hopefully not a scary commute. there is some progress in a scary accident. this crash was there for just a little bit. northbound 1 so 1, the
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connector -- 101, the connector ramp, it is a chp alert and they don't know when they will have it cleared up and if it stays like this, it is still relatively light since it is only 4:30 a.m. on 80 westbound, we have no major problem driving up to the pay gates and beyond, it still looks good getting up to highway 14. it is nice to see that pam is wearing her halloween pumpkin sweater thing, there you go, it is nice pam. >> you and i don't think about
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things like that. temperatures will warmup to 50 s and 40s, 55 oakland, no breeze to speak about, it is calm, a westerly president will still be warm but it looks like coast and bay will come down in a few degrees. and by the big changes, cooler over the coast. inland still some mid-to-upper 70s with antioch mild, breezy on tuesday, still okay but a strong system comes in thursday into friday and it looks like rain on friday and we will be back to the 60s and another system could drop in on sunday
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pam. the military alliance is calling it a success but one candidate said it should never have happened. local lawmaker is challenging herself to live on $4.50 a day for food. another update on traffic and weather in minutes. !
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. overnight a suicide bomb attack killed four people. rammed them in kandahar with a truck filled with explosives. it happened in an area that housed united nations officers. two gunmen seized control of a building and began shooting at security officers. it lasted two hours and taliban is claiming responsibility sport attack. in libya it ends at midnight tonight. it happened soon after muammar gaddafi's death but maintain air controls. they view it as a success with no casualties but michele
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bachmann says the u.s. never should have been involved. >> it was secretorty robert gates that said it was a precursor for the involvement in other nation's affairs and i believe it was the wrong decision for president barack obama to take. >> over the weekend, libyans demolished his home which was once the teeth of his power. united millions is expected to -- expected to reach the billion dollar mark. just a few years ago we passed the 6 billion mark. we are expected to reach 9. 3 billion by 2050. they are expected to start flying again by the afternoon. they grounded the entire fleet on saturday because of a labor distribute and it led to several flights around the
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world being canceled. they ordered an end to both the look out and the strike and passengers say they are relieved. >> yes,... >> 108 planes in 22 countries were grounded and that includes dallas, new york city and honolulu in the u.s. hundreds of airline passengers in the northeast also went through travel nightmares because of the weather. passengers on three jet blue flights were stranded on the tarmac for 7 hours or more. one jet blue pleaded for help. >> i have a diabetic on here that has an issue, it is a list of things and i just have to get some help. >> passengers on that flight say food and water ran out,
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bathrooms became clogged. six plains were headed to connecticut as a result of confluence of events including failures and low visibility. a medical examiner is investigating the death of a runner who collapsed at a popular race. he fell to the ground at the rock 'n' roll half race yesterday morning. a fire department spokesperson said he was rushed to the hospital but he later died. it was the only health problem. following a deadly grain elevator explosion in kansas. three workers are still missing and presumed dead. they found the bodies of three other workers shortly after the explosion and the recovery work stopped last night after they determined the building was not
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safe. it is a half rowing -- it is a reminder of how dangerous it is to work in that building. he believes michael jackson gave himself a fatal dose of propofol. this time we will be questioning the anesthesiologist dr. white. enchaser who is an expert witness for the pros execution told them he believed murray caused michael jackson's debt. elects day -- election day, early voting began a few weeks ago and the past weekend was the first time they could vote on saturday or sunday. the pole will be open until
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election day next tuesday. >> i have done this for several years now. >> san francisco voters have a lot to sort through especially in the voters race, there are 16 candidates on the ball let but polls will be open until 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. this weekend. san mateo congresswoman jackie mayo wants to see what it is like to live on food stamps. she begins a five-day challenge to eaton only $4.50 a day. she wants to experience how a growing number of americans are living in this tough economy. here in california, more than $3 million receive food stamps. they are not stopping their
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goals, they are raising fish for the san francisco bay. earlier this month, you might remember somebody cut off the nets allowing thousands of young salmon to swim into the weeks ahead of schedule. which was donated by the department of fish and game. there are no arrests. a team of 20 doctors and nurses are getting ready for a long operation tomorrow. the eight hour effort to separate couldn't joined twins in san jose. plus the contest that will have professional surfers taking over ocean beach as early as tomorrow.
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. welcome back to the morning news, the two twins will rjoined at the chest and will be undergoing an eight hour operation where a team of 20 doctors and nurses will carefully separate them. if all goes well, the twins may be able to go home after tomorrow's surgery. 454 is the time right now, let's go back to sal to check in on the traffic, sal? traffic is continuing to work well around the bay area except for that one spot and that would be northbound 101, they are making some progress with this crash but this crash has been there and now they have opened all the lanes but
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you still may see some activity. they have canceled the alert but there may be some activity on the shoulder. let's look at the westbound bridge, that traffic looks good getting on to san francisco. foggy as you can see it coming out of the fog. we have a change and the bigger change will be at the end of the week, but today some fog has come back, mainly only inland temperatures coast and bay, sunshine away, temperatures still mid-to-upper 70s, we will have to deal with some thick fog and a strong system is brewing up in the gulf of alaska, but today 40s and 50s, running a little bit warmer, it may pick up by by
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the coast, that will ramp up a northeast wind for tuesday and after that we start to look for much cooler air maybe some for thursday. by the coast cooler with 60s and 70s, it used to be a breezy day. temperatures will plunge inland with some upper 50s, much breezier on friday, mostly cloudy on saturday, another system with cold air keeps us going on sunday, pam. checking out ocean beaches waves and they are putting the finishing touches on the beach headquarters yesterday. competition can start anywhere between tomorrow and november 12th. 36 of the top ranked surfers
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are invited to compete. at 5:00, oakland occupied camp is back and they are calling for a much larger demonstration. the bay area is celebrating in style and we will tell you about the fun and free event for your family.
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. we are live in san francisco where the ghosts and goblins are coming out in full force, we will tell you the hot spots. >> look at this, damage and delay up behind the weekend storm. and sexual harassment claims against a front-runner, how cane is reacting this morning, all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 news. . good morning to you,


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